Protect Yourself from the Vicissitudes of Life

You don’t need to be an expert to know this much:
  • The East Asian financial crisis hit Malaysia in 1997. The crisis almost brought the Malaysian economy to its knees if not for the quick action by the government to overcome the crisis. This crisis shows the vulnerability of fiat money based economy.
  • Subsidies on petrol and diesel have been reduced recently leading to an increase in their prices.
  • Cost of living, which is already high, will be higher still, with inflation rate expected to go up.
  • A news report says, in Malaysia due to higher property prices in Kuala Lumpur, a modest terrace house remains unaffordable even to those with a household monthly income of M$5,000.
  • Low interest rate has made borrowing easier, so too is getting into much debt without being able to pay it back.
  • The global trends that escalated the rate of inflation are reaching dangerous levels

Your lifelong saving or whatever is left will soon be depleted. And with it, not only will your comfortable lifestyle go several notches down but your ability to perform charitable deeds such as paying tithes and financial assistance to your fellow needy human being will also be severely curtailed.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Imagine how you would feel if despite all the above taking place where all around you there are despondency, melancholy and hardship, life for you gets better instead.

If only you know how to protect yourself.


A Golden Future in Your Golden Years

Time and again, over the centuries, gold has proven to be an asset of choice during chaotic times. Each time there is a crisis of epic proportion, the price of gold has soared high.

At the start of the present Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008, gold was selling on the average at US$871.96 (RM 2,807.27 based on current exchange rate) per ounce. Five years into the crisis in 2013, price of gold closed at US$1,320.95 (RM 4,252.79) per ounce on Sep 25 – a whopping appreciation in value to the tune of 51.5%.

Compare this with investment in bonds whose yield for the most part of the GFC remains below 2% or fixed deposit – which is even worst – a mere return of less than 1%.

This means that had you invested RM 28,070 in gold at the start of crisis, that amount would net you about RM 42,530 today. But the same amount invested in fixed deposit and bond during the same period will net you a mere RM 29,210 and RM 30,384 respectively.

So you’re better off with gold.

It is with this realization that the Perak state government has launched the Gold Dinar as an investment instrument in order to hedge your saving from being eroded by inflation and for you to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in time of financial crisis when the value of the Gold Dinar will appreciate substantially.

But the Gold Dinar is more than just an investment. It can be used to fulfill your gifting needs whether in the form of a present to members of your family, friends or loved ones on occasions such as wedding, passing examination with "golden” colors, arrival of a newborn, birthdays and other anniversaries.
Muslims and the Gold Dinar

For Muslims, the Gold Dinar can be used to pay for their Zakat, one of the obligations that form the five pillars of Islam.

An important piece of Islamic history is also being revived with the Gold Dinar project when the Perak Gold Dinar has at one side the exact replica of the first Gold Dinar introduced by the fifth Umayyad caliph Abd al-Malek ibn Marwan in the year 75 Hijra which coincides with the Gregorian year 697 CE.